Design and manufacturing from one single source

We develop and manufacture high-quality tools which are individually customised to the production possibilities and requirements of our clients, who predominantly operate in the automotive industry. In this sector, the unit volumes of the components to be manufactured are extremely high. Cost-effective manufacturing is possible with the use of our tools.

Every single one of our tools is a unique specimen and is used on a precision-basis for a specific area of manufacturing. Our goal is to achieve the greatest possible advantage for our clients. Our software landscape also enables completely paper-free production.

The development of products which achieve success on the market depends heavily on the tool manufacturing. This makes the development of the optimum tool all the more decisive. From the simulation to the finished product – we are able to provide you with everything from one single source.

  • You provide us with the article dataset
  • We provide you with an estimate / offer
  • You order the tool
  • We create a simulation / a producibility evaluation / feasibility assessment regarding the producibility for you with help of the Pam-Stamp-Software*
    * Pam-Stamp is a high quality software program which is used to create forming simulations and evaluations regarding producibility.
  • We develop a method plan as a basis for the construction.
  • We suggest a design before it goes into production.
  • We procure the materials required for the tool.
  • We build and test your tool.

With our modern machinery we manufacture:

  • Progressive tools
  • Transfer tools
  • Multi-stage tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Forming tools
  • Prototype tools
  • etc.