3D laser processing directly at the tool manufacturer

With 3D lasering, we can offer our clients one of the most advanced forms of sheet metal forming, and not only in the field of prototype construction. This high-performance laser technology enables product developments and production processes in businesses to be completed much more quickly.

Laser-cut sheets have the best edge quality, do not require post-processing and are ready-to-fit – a big advantage. Since no tools are required for laser cutting, this technique offers many advantages over other processes such as punching when it comes to the production of small quantities. As a result, smaller batch sizes become affordable serial parts because the tool costs are considerably lower.

We have two 3D laser systems and also have the capacity for short notice orders. This also applies to commissioned laser work in the area of 3D laser processing in particular.

An overview of the benefits:

  • Highly dynamic: 3D lasers do not just guarantee very fast processing times, they are also many times more dynamic than other processing methods.
  • Cleaner process: material processing by laser not only offers a wear-free process, it also results in lower maintenance costs.
  • No post-production necessary: no post-production is necessary with 3D lasers.
  • Short set-up times: as one tool can be used for all tasks, a lot of time can be saved through lower set-up times.

Pulling, cutting, perforating, pressing, punching – Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau GmbH develops and manufactures high-quality pressing and punching tools which are individually customised to your production possibilities and requirements.

Fast, efficient and cost-effective – such are the words to describe laser processing, a technique which represents the optimum enhancement of tool/prototype manufacturing.